Bone Broth or Collagen

Which do I need and is there a difference?
Bone Broth vs. Collagen Peptides

Many have used the names interchangeably, however, this can be misleading. Bone broth powder and collagen peptides are both revolutionary supplements that each have definite health benefits. Each contains nutrients that can support different health situations.

Bone Broth: An Overall Foundational Superfood

Bone Broth is an excellent source of collagen, but it is far from the only substance within the superfood. In addition to collagen, bone broth also contains 19 other essential amino acids such as glutamine, which is important for gut health and supports the immune system.

As well, it also contains alkylglycerols, which are lipids that are also found in colostrum. Alkylglycerols have been linked to chronic disease prevention and healing. In addition, bone broth powder also contains essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus.

Bone Broth is beneficial as a foundational superfood to the body and beneficial for individuals with digestive issues or Leaky Gut. It is believed that roughly 80% of immune system cells are produced and within the gut. Knowing this, bone broth is an ideal staple for most individuals.

As a final benefit, bone broth offers strong anti-inflammatory effects, especially when used in combination with other ingredients such as turmeric.

Collagen Peptides: Targeted Health and Repair

Collagen can be very beneficial as you age as our body’s production begins to slow down as we get older. Collagen is vital as it aids with the function of almost every mechanism within our body.

Collagen is made up of essential amino acids such as glycine, proline, tyrosine, and lysine and is the most abundant protein substance in our body. It aids in the formation of the tissues in our skin and internal organs that make up our body. This holds true on a cellular level as well- we have cellular receptor sites for collagen in our hair, eyes, and teeth.

Knowing this, collagen can be an excellent addition for those looking to target sore joints, enhance hair, skin, and nail health or to minimize wrinkles as you age.

The Verdict: It is based on what YOU need

Both bone broth and collagen peptides can make great additions to your nutritional arsenal. Bone broth can be thought of and used as foundational nutrition or that “one thing” you can do to benefit your overall health as it contains collagen naturally and possesses other nutrients and strong benefits. However, if you have sore joints or an injury, higher amounts of collagen may be beneficial.

We believe that nutrition taken in its natural form such as our Bone Broth IQ offers the best health benefits, but collagen peptides can always be a great compliment based on individual health goals.