“What I’m Loving” – FIQ Supplements

By: Griffin McKenzie  
Entrepreneur, Health Coach, and Blogger 


I’m pretty wary when it comes to just popping any supplement. I look for brands with ingredients I can understand, a clear purpose, and either a solution to a pain point or an enhancement to an area of my life or health. Traditionally, I’m a food-first person, and I believe that nutrition and lifestyle should be our main routes to achieve optimum performance in all areas. However, I also recognize the fact that I, too, can go days without getting a variety of green veggies, sleeping 8 hours, or trading in my coffee for water. Our hectic schedules can rob us of the nutrients we need daily, even with the best of intentions. That’s where supplements should come in.

FIQ caught my attention because their supplements fit the criteria I listed above, and they formulate their products to provide natural solutions that cater to specific areas: focus, anxiety, sleep, pain, and metabolism. Depending on your current level of health and fitness, you might notice a drastic difference when taking their products or a more subtle one, like I do. For the past few weeks, I’ve taken their CleanseIQ supplement and noticed the digestive benefits when I take them before bed with a full glass of water. I usually take the MetabolismIQ at the same time I eat a meal because our bodies are typically lacking in digestive enzymes that we need to break down our food in the most effective way. Taking supplements isn’t about a quick fix or immediate result; when you understand the ingredients in the pill, you know whether or not it’s doing good work to support your body.

For instance, if you’re ingesting prescription meds like Adderall to help you get through school or Xanax for your anxiety, there is no judgment here. I think that western medicine has so much value. But, if you’re taking those medicines and have never cleaned up your diet, upped your exercise regimen, and tried natural alternatives like those provided by FIQ, I would so encourage you to give it a try. Any non-real food substance that we put in our bodies has adverse effects, and I believe that we need to do our best to educate ourselves and mitigate those stressors that can lead to chronic disease later in life.

If you’ve never hopped on the supplement train, this is an awesome place to start. Every ingredient listed has proven health benefits and is understandable – no weird additives here! Invest in your health every opportunity you get, and make sure you keep doing your research along the way.

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