Recuperate IQ

& Recuperate IQ (Boron Free)

Recuperate IQ was formulated to help those suffering from persistent fatigue through the replenishment of the key ingredient b- copper. Recuperate IQ will ensure that you obtain all of the vital minerals, vitamins and other nutrients required for optimal health and abundant energy, while also keeping iron and oxidative stress in proper check.



Copper IQ Cream

The potent 3% GHK-Cu concentration and natural oils in Copper IQ Cream promote restore nerve connections, heal wounds, and enhance the collagen scaffolding underneath the skin. Hyaluronic acid plumps and firms the skin while offering protective tissue support as GHK-Cu heals and repairs.


Copper IQ Serum

Also available is the slightly stronger (more concentrated) Copper IQ Serum which has been formulated to suit non-sensitive skin types for direct application. However some customers choose this serum because it can be added to their favourite skin creams instead.


Gut IQ

Rich in minerals and nutrients that kickstart your immune system, Gut IQ provides tissue-healing collagen, anti-inflammatory turmeric, and health-promoting wakeme seaweed to nourish your body from the inside out.

Morley M. Robbins

Founder of the RCP
(Root Cause Protocol)

Research-based formulation.

Based on the research of Morley M. Robbins, Recuperate IQ, Mag IQ, Whole C IQ and Cod Liver IQ were created to support the Root Cause Protocol.

In 2021, Morley wrote [Cu]re: Your Fatigue to help unravel the story of copper, magnesium, iron & ceruloplasmin and how these interactions are interfered with… Read more

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Sarah McGee, FNP-BC
I would recommend them to any practitioner
I used to have a bunch of supplements to use for a handful of issues, but FIQ’s single solutions make it so much easier to stock and make the experience really simple for my patients.”
David Williams DC, CFMP
Wood Family Wellness, Marietta GA
It’s been amazing for our patients and our business!
If someone is struggling with sleep and sees Sleep IQ on the shelves, they ask about it. If someone is struggling with Anxiety and sees Anxiety IQ on the shelves, they ask about it.”
Dr. Stephen Smith, MD
Mike and his team are the real deal
I started off selling FIQ at my clinic and things just took off. I was a bit sceptical at first but patients really do ask questions and fall in love with these products.”
Dr. Toby Fleming, DC
Incredible results
The one thing I look for above all else with supplements is how careful they are with quality. FIQ’s clear commitment to potency and never sacrificing quality for growth is clear — and the results my patients report is proof of that.”


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The team at FIQ knows how frustrating the search for trustworthy and effective pro-grade supplements can be, because we’ve lived it.

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With names like Anxiety IQ, Sleep IQ, Glucose IQ and Immune IQ, our products help you easily identify the best supplement to suit your needs.

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