Restore True Health

Recuperate IQ was formulated to help those suffering from persistent fatigue through the replenishment of the key ingredient- copper.

Instant relief in a bottle

The ingredients in Respiratory IQ generally help with allergy and respiratory discomfort within minutes of taking it.

Restore natural energy levels

Adrenal IQ helps you experience consistent and lasting energy levels without caffeine. 

TLC for the liver

This blend uses natural ingredients to promote optimal bile flow and the body’s detoxification process.*

Enjoy the food you eat

This synergistic formula enhances the integrity of your gut by promoting the absorption of nutrients and water.

Happy kidneys, healthy body

Kidney IQ is synergistically formulated to support overall kidney health and detoxification. 

Maintain Healthy Regularity

The ingredients in Cleanse IQ help restore the body’s natural detoxification process and promote an optimal digestive schedule.

Stay calm & in control

Relax and erase the negative effects stress can have on your body. The ingredients in Anxiety IQ help your body feel more relaxed, mentally and physically.

Achieve better sleep

This formula helps calm the nervous system and promotes natural sleep cycles.*

Formula IQ Supplements


Why do health professionals love FIQ?

Improve patient health and clinic revenue by stocking all-natural supplements designed for specific solutions.

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David Williams DC, CFMP
Wood Family Wellness
Marietta, GA

If someone is struggling with sleep and sees Sleep IQ on the shelves, they ask about it. If someone is struggling with Anxiety and sees Anxiety IQ on the shelves, they ask about it. It’s been amazing for our patients and our business!”

Dr. Stephen Smith, MD

Mike and his team are the real deal. I started off selling FIQ at my clinic and things just took off. I was a bit sceptical at first but patients really do ask questions and fall in love with these products.”

Dr. Toby Fleming, DC

The one thing I look for above all else with supplements is how careful they are with quality. FIQ’s clear commitment to potency and never sacrificing quality for growth is clear — and the results my patients report is proof of that.”

Sarah McGee, FNP-BC

I used to have a bunch of supplements to use for a handful of issues, but FIQ’s single solutions make it so much easier to stock and make the experience really simple for my patients. I would recommend them to any practitioner.”



One bottle. One solution.

One bottle per solution means fewer SKU headaches and more customer engagement.

Requiring patients to take multiple supplements for an ailment is outdated. It crowds your shelves, is more expensive, and confuses patients. Each formulation in FIQ’s line is carefully crafted to address one specific issue.

Same-day results for instant patient satisfaction

We can’t change how patients think about medicine, but…

We can provide natural alternatives that work in a similar way. That’s part of the secret of FIQ — by crafting formulas that mimic OTC effects without any of the addictive side effects and toxins, you can give your patients formulations they can rely on for both fast and long-term relief.

A pro-grade supplement line that will never make you compromise your ethics, ever.

100% natural supplements that are uncompromisingly ethical.

We don’t cut corners. We don’t use “concentrates” that include ineffective parts of our ingredients — we produce and will always produce what we know works and explain why to anyone who asks. We don’t care about the “next best thing”. We spent years creating our product line, and unless we find something better through careful research, it’s here to stay.

Products that patients instantly understand

With names like Anxiety IQ, Sleep IQ, Glucose IQ and Immune IQ, our products help patients identify their own solutions and spark curiosity — resulting in more sales for your clinic.

Ask how an FIQ Partnership Grew Marietta Wellness Clinic’s Revenue by 45% in a single year.

Add a new revenue stream to your clinic in minutes