About Us

At FIQ, we create formulas for Success.

We are a company that believes in pure, natural solutions — the type of solutions that work!

Go beyond "popping a pill"

with pure health solutions

We support optimal wellness, by striving to offer a new generation of natural health. Each individual health solution has been designed and developed with the highest-quality standards in mind, without the big-ticket price tag. This is how we have and will continue to provide health solutions to countless people who need them. People just like you.

Formula IQ begins

with Founder/CEO Mike Casey

Mike Casey is a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur and a health solutions leader with a focus of expanding the boundaries of health.

Mike rose to become a prominent leader in the integrative health space through his earlier years in the health solution, supplement manufacturing, and disruptive marketing and technology industries after assisting several health solutions and tech companies accelerate from early stages to millions in sales.

After realizing the fundamental need for specialized attention and creativity unifying brand, marketing and product creation to the health solution front, Mike created what is now Formula IQ (FIQ) in 2013.

Mike has been featured on numerous radio shows, podcast and published blogs around health, entrepreneurship, digital disruption and innovative health solutions that allow individuals to go beyond health.

Through his experience, Mike is able to use industry knowledge and forecast to create and partner with health solution brands and products that drive today’s market in the health consumer space.

Mike strives to leave a mark through utilizing his understanding of the roadmap and larger picture ahead by creating and partnering with aligned health solution partners to reverse engineer a successful strategy and team to execute on health solutions that expand the boundaries health to deliver honest health solutions that produce real results.

Go beyond quality

Every ingredient or solution we use has been carefully selected based on its properties and, most importantly, its quality. This is how we help you go beyond health.


At FIQ, quality is everything. We are not looking to become a trendy supplement company. Instead, we care about creating quality supplements that support your health. All of our products are manufactured in an FDA compliant, cGMP certified facility. This means that the manufacturing process is held to the highest standard, following strict guidelines and regulations.


We believe that everyone deserves to be happy and healthy, which is why our supplements are high in quality, yet easy on your wallet. By making these supplements more affordable, we are happy knowing that more people can access their benefits. We continue to offer innovative formulas that aren’t overpriced — period.


The reason our supplements do produce real results is based on the honest, quality ingredients we source. Being a United States company, we believe in sourcing our ingredients close to home, which makes all the difference. We also never limit our ingredients based on cost.


Our all-natural supplements do not require fancy marketing schemes. Instead, they speak for themselves. We proudly list all of the ingredients we use, and you will likely recognize key ingredients, such as valerian root extract, GABA and curcumin. We know that our supplements help change lives, which is why we share real reviews from real people.


Working with your body, our pure line of health supplements allows you go beyond good health and achieve pure heath

Are you ready to utilize the benefits of nature?