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We exist to help people live happier, healthier, and more lucrative lives through groundbreaking formulations, transparent partnerships, and a proactive approach to health.

A personal message from our founder

When you first tried supplements, you were probably skeptical. You ordered a gut health supplement but weren’t impressed, or perhaps you experimented with focus supplements only to realize they were just sugar and caffeine disguised as a natural alternative. The thing is, when supplements are all-natural and crafted with the detailed methods modern nutrition has to offer, they can help us live an optimized life. They support healthier sleep, improve gut health, sharpen focus, reduce pain, and more — all without the side effects of over-the-counter drugs.

The team at FIQ knows how frustrating the search for trustworthy and effective pro-grade supplements can be because we’ve lived it, and that’s why we’ve spent the last decade of our lives working and crafting a line of lab-grade supplements that helps athletes, health professionals, and everyone else tackle their symptoms and improve their health through a unique blend of fast-acting formulations.

We make our supplements a bit differently.

Our FIQ line is unmatched in how quickly people experience the benefits (often on the first day!) and in how they are solution-specific. This means recommending and taking the supplements is simple, and people see themselves in our products.

Each of FIQ’s individual health solutions is designed and developed with the highest quality standards in mind. We source from companies that never take shortcuts or diminish quality, and we are notoriously stubborn when choosing new manufacturing partners and suppliers.

This attention to detail and quality allows us to deliver the scientific benefits of supplements while mimicking the same-day effects of modern solutions – all with completely natural ingredients and a low price tag.

This is how we have and will continue to provide health solutions to countless people who want to live an optimized life. People just like you.

Mike Casey

Formula IQ Founder/CEO

Smarter Formulations.
Faster Results.

We believe health is formulated; not supplemented.

Let’s just be honest…

The supplements industry is plagued with misinformation that hurts people and makes it harder for doctors with actual experience and good intent to make a difference in people’s lives.

Results before profits

If patients and customers succeed, then doctors succeed, which means we succeed.

When the FIQ team created Formula IQ’s supplements, our approach was three-fold:

  1. How can we make all-natural, fast-acting supplements using the best ingredients without cutting any corners, ever?
  2. How can we make these supplements as easy to understand for customers as possible?
  3. How can we make these supplements beneficial and affordable for people?

That’s all we’re ever looking to do. FIQ is about providing alternative solutions that help people and their personal practitioners create and execute restorative and preventative health plans.

We prioritize quality, potency, cost, and ease-of-use.

We’re here to help people live healthier lives, which is why we use our products ourselves. Our team is built with the best integrative medicine minds in the business, and we’re here to help you proactively live a life of health, happiness, and peace.

The smartest, fastest, and most effective supplements at a cost that makes sense.

David Williams DC, CFMP

Wood Family Wellness

Marietta, GA

If someone is struggling with sleep and see Sleep IQ on the shelves, they ask about. If someone is struggling with Anxiety and see Anxiety IQ on the shelves, they ask about it. It’s been amazing for our patients and our business!”

Sarah Mcgee, FNP-BC

I used to have a bunch of supplements to use for a handful of issues, but FIQ’s single solutions make it so much easier to stock and make the experience really simple for my patients. I would recommend them to any practitioner.”

Dr. Toby Fleming, DC

The one thing I look for above all else with supplements is how careful they are with quality. FIQ’s clear commitment to potency and never sacrificing quality for growth is clear — and the results my patients report is proof of that.”

Dr. Stephen Smith, MD

Mike and his team are the real deal. I started off selling FIQ at my clinic and things just took off. I was a bit sceptical at first but patients really do ask questions and fall in love with these products.”

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