that sell themselves

Professional grade supplements that blend the best of science, marketing, and medicine together into one convenient product line.

Why do health professionals love FIQ?

It’s easy to sell supplements in your practice with Formula IQ.

FIQ means less stale inventory, more revenue per patient, and more patient satisfaction.

How to add a new revenue stream to your clinic in minutes

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How would your clinic change with supplements that sell themselves?

Formula IQ supplements are designed to mimic modern medications in two fundamental ways:

  1. Each bottle is designed for one solution. E.g. Anxiety IQ.
  2. The effects are designed to happen immediately.

Designing supplements as solution-specific allows patients to see themselves in FIQ products. This means more organic conversations coming up in your lobby and during your appointments.

Patients need fast results.

With our fast-acting formulations, you can provide a natural solution that gives patients something to get excited about from the first day.

Fast and consistent health solutions naturally result in increased patient loyalty and making them more likely to try your other services.

Prices that work for everyone

We treat every client as a partner.

We consider every chiropractor and practitioner who works with us as partners. That’s why we provide FIQ supplements to licensed practitioners like you that allow generous profit margins that can still be sold a price that is very affordable for patients.

We don’t have hidden charges, sales floors or ceilings, or anything else that could get in your way. Our goal is to create an equitable revenue-benefit split across between us, our practitioners, and their patients.

Fewer supplements.
Fewer headaches.

Our products are one bottle. One solution. Anxiety IQ is for anxiety. Pain IQ is for pain. Focus IQ is for focus, etc. You don’t have to stock hundreds of formulas anymore — FIQ supplements are effective for patients and easy on your business.

The world’s best fast-acting formulations
+ unequaled marketing and product support
= increased revenue and patient satisfaction

Peek inside the world of our top-selling formulations:

Infla IQ

Get mobile and feel great

Infla IQ is one of our most popular formulas, with some patients preferring Infla IQ to harmful opioids and other synthetic options. It’s a great option for patients with joint aches or nerve irritation, and is a simple way to get your patients invested in the FIQ brand.
  • Ease Aches and Discomfort*
  • Promote Mobility*
  • Help Relax Muscles*
  • Calm Nerve Irritation*

Anxiety IQ

Stay calm & in control

Anxiety IQ is a huge hit with the doctors in our wholesale program. Anxiety IQ can help patients relax and erase the negative effects stress has on their bodies. The ingredients in Anxiety IQ help their bodies feel more relaxed — both mentally and physically.

  • Promote Relaxation*
  • Combat Anxiousness*
  • Help Manage Stress*
  • Elevate Mood*

Sleep IQ

Get a good night

As you know, lack of sleep can cause a whole host of both physical and mental problems for your patients. The ingredients in Sleep IQ promote a restful night’s sleep and helps calm the nervous system and promote natural sleep cycles* so your patient’s feel refreshed and energized.

  • Promote Restful Sleep*
  • Support Relaxation*
  • Restore Natural Sleep Cycles*
  • Elevate Mood*
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