A smarter approach to inventory

Our dispensary ships directly to your patients while you grow your practice, and our practitioner-exclusive pricing means you never have to worry about your patients buying FIQ elsewhere.

Take your practice to new heights with professional-grade supplements

Fast-acting onset windows, single-solution bottles, and lasting patient results boil down to one word: effectiveness.

Cut down on typical dispensary pain points like overstocked inventory and enjoy top-end payouts.

If your patients succeed, you succeed, and we succeed. Our goal is to grow together at FIQ, and that’s why every partner starts at a flat rate of 30% of products sold and grows up to 35% as volume increases.

We don’t just sell FIQ, we help YOU sell FIQ.

FIQ is staffed by world-class nutritional experts, marketers, and clinicians.

We offer comprehensive support on why Formula IQ works and how you can grow your practice. We consider every clinic we work with a partner, and our staff has the knowledge and expertise you can use to sell more FIQ each and every month.


Full access to our design team to promote the best materials.


Learn how to sell and market FIQ by utilizing our top marketing team.


Keep up with your sales and patients through our own reporting system.


Our team is here with you every step of the way to ensure your success.

Build FIQ into your clinic from the first day

There’s no need to wait.

Once your application is approved, we will send you a unique link that you can send directly to patients or add to your website via a hyperlink. You can start selling FIQ from day one.

YOU choose how to build FIQ into your clinic

How you sell FIQ is up to you.

Every practitioner who joins as wholesale buyer gets a unique referral link they can give to customers to buy online and still enjoy fantastic profit margins with less hassle.

You may instead choose to sell in-clinic for even higher profit margins, or do both! The choice is yours.

Make this year your year. Achieving goals normally means taking risks, but plugging into FIQ means joining a community of passionate and brilliant clinicians already growing their clinics. Your goals aren’t out of reach — you just need the products and motivation to get there.

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Spread the word and get rewarded

Earn up to 35% just by sharing a link. No obligation, no pressure. Register below to get your link.