Natural Remedies for Anxiety: Stress Shouldn’t Control Your Life

By: Griffin McKenzie  
Entrepreneur, Health Coach, and Blogger 


It’s rare to meet someone who doesn’t suffer from some form of anxiety. Be it a daily feeling of playing catch up or a more serious combination of anxiety and depression, the root causes of anxiety are as widespread as their symptoms.

Unfortunately, we live in a culture where our first response to feelings of stress is to self-medicate with alcohol, food, or prescription medication. While these medications are not necessarily all bad, most function by interfering with neurotransmitters and producing side effects that range from agitation to insomnia. Sadly, most people succumb to the belief that medication is the only option to battle their inevitable stress, but there are alternative solutions.

Anxiety and other mood disorders are often impacted by the gut-brain axis, which is a nickname for the processes that occur between the digestive system and the central nervous system. While the science is lengthy, the key message is not – our nutrition plays a vital role in our mental health.

Certain lifestyle practices can be introduced or reduced to combat anxiety. An anti-inflammatory diet, a regular sleep schedule, little to no caffeine or alcohol, and less technology (and blue light) at night can promote a calmer nervous system. However, busy schedules and obligations sometimes fight against our ability to de-stress our lives, which is why the consumption of an anxiety-fighting supplement can be crucial to lowering cortisol levels on a daily basis.

Our Anxiety iQ supplement is full of ingredients that promote a decrease in stress and provide more peace in your body processes. GABA, or gamma-aminobutyric acid, is known to reduce nerve cell activity in the nervous system, and lavender, an essential oil, has been proven to lessen anxiety and relax the body. Herbs such as chamomile and passionflower work in tandem to promote positive vitality, and their individual efforts to mitigate feelings of anxiety are strengthened when consumed together.

Anxiety isn’t a one-size-fits-all problem, but there are natural solutions that have positive effects on stress, no matter the underlying causes. If you feel plagued by feelings of anxiety and depression, analyze your diet, do your research before consuming traditional medication, and reach for ingredients that will fight the root cause, rather than place a band-aid on the issue.