The Impact of Nutrition on ADHD

By: Griffin McKenzie  
Entrepreneur, Health Coach, and Blogger 


When children are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, the learned response is medication. Even for those without a formal diagnosis, it’s not uncommon for unfocused college students to pop pills, such as Adderall, to get through their all-nighters and stressful schedules. As a society, we’ve looked for quick solutions to a much deeper problem of broken attention spans.

One of the biggest issues with the medications used to medicate ADHD, besides the potential side effects of mood changes and suicidal thoughts, is that they are habit forming and can lead to a lifestyle of dependency, rather than a healthier way of living that reduces symptoms (1). Instead, the functional medicine community has looked into a variety of links between ADHD, cognitive dysfunction, and nutrition. Refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, chemical food additives, and subsequent food allergies are all potential causes of ADHD, and thus, there are foods that also contribute to the alleviation of symptoms and positive vitality (2).

The ingredients in our FocusIQ supplement are designed to sharpen your mental status and serve as a preventative supplement for those who want to maintain their cognition and fight a distracted way of being. With L-Glutamine to boost brain function and St. John’s Wort to combat feelings of depression and anxiety that often accompany mental disorders, Focus IQ works with good nutrition to produce a clear head, naturally. Nothing in the supplement is habit forming or prone to adverse effects, which means that you can introduce it into your daily routine without worry.

Additionally, many believe that the breakdown of our nutrition and subsequent brain function is what leads to Alzheimer’s later in life, so paying attention to brain health is a matter of urgency for individuals of all ages, even if they have yet to experience any detrimental effects (3). If you haven’t incorporated a natural remedy to support your brain, it’s never too early to begin.