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60 Capsules

Ingredients to support liver detoxification and function*

The synergistic ingredients in Liver IQ enhance liver detoxification and function. The ingredients promote healthy bile flow and assist the body in fighting against free radicals. *

The ingredients in Liver IQ:

  • Enhance Liver Detoxification*
  • Promote Healthy Bile Flow*
  • Fight Against Free Radicals*
  • Eliminate Toxins*


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Our purpose behind the formula

Enhance Liver Detoxification and Function

Your liver performs many important functions such as metabolizing chemicals and alcohol. Today’s current lifestyle’s are filled with prescriptions, food preservatives, and additives which can play havoc on your liver and ability to eliminate toxins.

Liver IQ is synergistically formulated to enhance liver function and to help counter side effects of food additives or pharmaceuticals. This blend uses natural ingredients to promote optimal bile flow and the body’s detoxification process.*

What to expect

Purify Your Body

Individuals who take Liver IQ generally use the synergistic formulation as a preventative. Most find that the ingredients in Liver IQ help the liver do its job to eliminate toxins more efficiently. Many have reported feeling better after taking Liver IQ for several weeks. *

Everyone is different, and results will vary from person to person.

Suggested Use

Each individual is different

Each individual is different, and results will vary. Maintaining consistency on a daily basis is key to optimal results. Take two capsules daily with food or as directed by your healthcare professional. 

ingredients that work

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