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Aim for Wellness

Everyone has a journey and along the way we pick up on things that resonate with us. Aim For Wellness is about that journey and it Aims to share with you products and processes that enhance your health. Wellness is about feeling better, whether that be from minerals, vitamins, hair analysis, changes in your lifestyle or socks! Getting healthy and well is a process that can be expensive so it is important to get it right.


“The Hub For All Things Healthy”, Healthfitters provides holistic nutrition education and sustainable living products to support you and your family on your health journey. Superfoods, gourmet ingredients, supplements, personal care items, pre and post-natal care items, and nature-friendly household products.

Innate Nutrition & Wellness

Sharalee Gibson runs Innate Nutrition & Wellness from a high country station close to Wanaka, in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. Sharalee is a PreKure Certified Health Coach, certified in Advanced Nutrition. She also has studied through the Root Cause Protocol Institute and is now a consultant for the RCP and join many others from all over the world in stocking FIQ’s range of complimentary supplements.

Inspired Solutions

Led by wellness professional, Karen L. Gadol (PA-C, CNC, CLT, RCP Mineral Consultant, Certified Thermographer, Cancer Coach), Inspired Solutions was founded on years of experience through use of both traditional and integrative medicine plus wellness coaching and nutrition to address the underlying nutrient deficiencies and toxic overloads we face in our world today. Inspired Solution’s flagship product is iDetox, a unique Iron Detox & Uptake Support supplement which compliments the FIQ range and other products they stock.


KimiKim Organics offers an incredible selection of the best natural and organic foods, certified organic produce, environmentally friendly body care, highest quality dietary supplements and even organic beverages. Anna Koldun, the owner, is an RCP (“The Root Cause Protocol”) mineral balance consultant working with customers to overcome various health challenges and personally teaching all of our friendly & knowledgeable staff. At KimiKim Organics, you will get exceptional and personalized service each and every time you shop!


Since the beginning, Naturshopen has had a strong focus on products that are recommended within the RCP. We collaborate with RCP consultants around Europe and are also a distributor for Formula IQ. Naturshopen is also a sponsor of the Dietary Science Foundation (Kostfonden). Kostfonden collects resources for scientific studies that examine the effects of diet on health and what possible side effects a dietary change can cause.