Cascara Sagrada and Cleansing

By: Griffin McKenzie  
Entrepreneur, Health Coach, and Blogger 


“Cleansing” is a scary concept because so many companies do it in the wrong way. Diet pills and laxatives should not be considered beneficial forms of supporting the body’s natural elimination processes. However, we do need solutions that actually impact our digestive health in a positive manner, in order to combat the expected toxins and splurges that make their way into our diet.

Cascara Sagrada, an ingredient in our CleanseIQ comes from the bark of the Cascara Sagrada tree and is used for its laxative effects. It stimulates intestinal contractions to preserve water in the bowels and thus, soften stool for easier elimination (1). Additionally, it is important to drink enough water when taking Cascara Sagrada, so that the supplement can promote natural peristalsis and avoid any cramping side effects. When taken in an appropriate dosage, the benefits of Cascara Sagrada are undeniable and useful for relieving constipation (2).

The danger in consuming Cascara Sagrada, or any laxative, hinges on a lack of education and a resulting overdose of the supplement. We have formulated our CleanseIQ with a low dose of Cascara Sagrada and instructions on how and when to consume the supplement. By including a variety of ingredients in CleanseIQ, we have created a balanced formula that isn’t a harsh cleansing force in your body.

Every individual is unique, so we encourage you to talk to your doctor if you experience any negative effects from Cascara Sagrada supplementation. Additionally, follow the directions on our CleanseIQ supplement, as it is not meant to be consumed for more than a 2 week period. Lastly, those who suffer from IBS or are pregnant should not consume supplements containing Cascara Sagrada.